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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cuban television airs new episode on cyberwar waged by Washington against Havana

From U.S. taxpayers money to promote terrorism in the world
A new episode of the series Cuba’s Reasons aired last night. Well-Paid Lies (Mentiras bien pagadas) continues looking into the latest manoeuvres of the U.S. government in its obsessive and criminal aggression  against the people of Cuba. It focused on the millionaire funds allocated to wage a cyberwar against the constitutional government of the island, using the tax payers money to fabricate, instruct, pay and protect individuals inside the country to plot against their legitimate government . A fact that Cuba has repeatedly denounced in international forums.

Frank Carlos and Corwin, a USIS official in Havana
The program showed Washington’s direct involvement as U.S. diplomatic officials with the USIS (U.S. Interests Section) in Havana instruct, fabricate and finance activists, who later are branded as “dissidents”, “independent journalists” or “civil society leaders”.

These individuals are part of the fifth column that the U.S. needs to create and foment inside Cuba to denigrate the Cuban Revolution and to make it appear as a significant opposition to the government.

Frank Carlos, Cuban security agent Robin
The episode also highlights the role that the USAID (United States Agency for International Development) has played in this war of subversion. In general this agency has received $ 2 720 391 038 in juicy contracts from US taxpayers money for the purpose of toppling a foreign government.

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