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el maestro
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Tonight, 8:30 PM, Cuba airs latest chapter of Las Razones de Cuba: Well Paid Lies

Cubavisión Internacional will broadcast tonight at 8:30 PM the next installment Well Paid Lies of the series LAS RAZONES DE CUBA (Cuba's Reasons). This program will cover the financing of the U.S. cyberwar against Cuba.
Lincoln Center, a factory of "leaders" and "independent journalists" at the U. S. Interest Section in Havana.
In the short video below, Cuban State Security Captain Mariana speaks of the fabrication of leaders for the so called Cuban civil society and "independent journalists" and how the superpower (USA) further finances all their activities against the constitutional government of Cuba.

This documentary will also disclose recently declassified documents that expressly involve the U.S. in the allocation of funds to its agency USAID to subvert the Cuban government.

Follow this link to watch Cuba Television live:

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