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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

U.S. government denies permit to US Badminton team to travel to Cuba

U.S. Badminton Team
The United States will not be represented in the XII Havana International Badminton Tournament since Washington has refused to allow the country’s badminton team to travel to Havana, where they were expected to take part in that world engagement was announced in Havana today.

Participants from more than 80 countries including Brazil, Venezuela, Guatemala, Indonesia, Mexico, and Suriname will soon be arriving in Havana for the event which will take place at the Kid Chocolate sports center.

The U.S. players, as citizens of the country which portrays itself as the model of democracy and freedom, cannot enjoy that freedom. Their country imposes an inhuman blockade against Cuba since 1960, violating 19 United Nations resolutions. Overwhelmingly the international community has condemned it and has called for its immediate end.

Because of this absurd and failed policy the basic human rights of the peoples of Cuba and the United States of America are violated. Very seldom does the U.S. government allow cultural, scientific, academic and sport exchanges, thus depriving both sides of the benefit of collaboration.

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