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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cuba: Another television documentary denounces U.S. cyberwar against the island

On Monday Cuban television offered another delivery of the series “Cuba’s Reasons”. Cyberwar, the latest documentary denounces, once more, and offers irrefutable prove of the ongoing efforts of the United States government to destabilize the Cuban society, this time making use of new communication technologies.

U.S. Cyber Command
To this end, and only for the year 2010, Washington approved a budget of 90 billion dollars to finance the U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM), the entity which directs this new modality of wars, not only against Cuba, but also against other countries in the world.

After fifty-two years of trying to destroy the Cuban Revolution, to no avail, by utilizing every means available: from military invasions, biological warfare, terrorism in all its forms, to a ferocious media campaign to misinform the world about Cuba; the U.S. now resorts to the cyberwar.

Cuba is now the target of a permanent and expensive media warfare promoted by a group of individuals, both inside and outside the island, who are paid to lie and defame their country. Those inside, called “dissidents”, are a group of mercenaries that in exchange for a monthly allowance from the U.S. Interest Section in Havana and with the active cooperation of other western diplomats, exacerbate Cuba’s everyday problems, and simple daily difficulties that people experience anywhere as accounts of the life of Cubans in their blogs, magazines and communications with the world, painting a distorted and biased image of our reality.

They purposely ignore vital points that afflict Cuba such as the occupation of a piece of territory in Guantánamo, the immoral and illegal 50 year-old blockade that the U.S. imposes on Cuba, the continuous aggression to which our country have been submitted by successive U.S. governments that threatens our sovereignty and exhausts our resources. They also ignore the many achievements of Cuba in education, medicine, sports, scientific and academic research in this half century which the whole world acknowledges. With no exception they all have a very superficial view of our reality and a mistaken idea of what the solutions to our problems should be.

(We need you to write something really bad about Cuba - Is that gonna be in Euros or US dollars?)
Wage-earning "dissidents"
It is no secret that Cuba, as part of the world, is also under the influence of the most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression of 1929, which together with errors committed in the island, miscalculations, and above all the 50 year old blockade imposed against Cuba, has left the country in a critical economic situation.

These individuals, taking advantage of the present situation of difficulty, have sold their souls for a handful of dollars for their own personal benefit and gain rather than for the well-being of their homeland. But it is not us or them who will say the last word, History will judge them, as it always judges traitors.

Cuba, with no doubt, will sort out the present obstacles and the Revolution, as invincible as it is, will prevail. The Sixth Communist Party Congress will help clear the way for the future. And believe me; the future belongs to the people of Cuba and NOT to its enemies.

This is why Cuba cannot provide Internet services massively. The U.S. blockade prevents Cuba from connecting to the cable coming from the United States that feeds all the other countries in the area. But our enemies and their lackeys will never mention this.

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