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Friday, March 25, 2011

50 million Hispanics in U.S.A.: US Census Bureau

US Census Bureau Director Robert M. Groves
According to figures released today by the US Census Bureau, the Hispanic population has ballooned to 50 million, representing 16% of the total population and the largest minority group in the country.

This is a nightmare for conservative circles in the U.S., which fear the end of the preponderance of the English language and the Anglo-Saxon culture over other minority groups and languages, particularly in this case, Spanish and the Latino culture.

Typical Latino family, big and united
This means that the proverbial “melting pot” – the policy of the U.S. towards the acculturation process, which in their view, assimilates individuals into the new culture, literally erasing past experiences  and identities, and turning them into “Americans” - will be more difficult to apply and the sheer number will provide more opportunities for integration of this minority group. Integration in terms of acculturation means that the individual adapts to the new cultural context but without losing its own culture, language and experiences, which the new-comer contributes to the new community.
The Latino community in the U.S. will thrive and the Spanish language, and the fact that it is the second language in that country, will be finally accepted.


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