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el maestro
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A professor from the School of Medicine in Bayamo collaborates

Professor Bárbara Ramírez

It is with great pleasure that Dignidad Cuba posts this collaboration from Prof. Ramírez, directly from Bayamo, via email.  Bárbara teaches English at Bayamo's School of Medicine. Thank you Bárbara for your opinion.

Here's the message.

It was marvelous to see what was published in this blog to honor women on
their day, and it is very sad to see how some women put a price to themselves and betray their country.
However, most Cuban women deserve a special honor because of their daily efforts to fight the U.S. blockade.

There are women scientists in their labs trying to find substitutes for some medications or products that cannot be brought into the country, due to the blockade and are necessary to save children’s lives.

Main stream media will never talk about our young women who once graduated as medicine doctors or nurses and go to work under difficult conditions in Latin American countries, in Haiti or in Africa, no matter how far they are from their families or the danger of getting infected by a disease they continue to offer their time and their knowledge. 

While the enemies of Cuba praise traitors, they do not mention  how Cuban women share their  responsibilities in their jobs with the daily tasks at home taking care of their children and also working actively in the construction of a new world. And also this is very important:  how Cuban men have changed their minds and how they help at home doing what is necessary.

No matter the awards given under obscure circumstances and the money that comes with it for those individuals: the presence of other Cuban women, side by side with men, all over the world is bringing positive change to the forgotten.
Barbara Ramírez Pantoja.

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