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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cuban television special reveals U.S. plans to subvert the Cuban Government through Cyberwar. Watch videos of the program


Cuban Television has broadcasted a special program VERDADES Y PRINCIPIOS from the serie Las razones de Cubawith declassified information about the subversive plans of the United States of America against the island.

The program showed how the U.S. organizes in Cuba illegal information networks for the transmission and reception of coded data. It disclosed the identity of Cuban Security agent Raúl, a youth by the name of Dalexi González Madruga, "Alejandro" for the CIA, who had recruited him for a subversive operation.

Dalexi González Madruga

Josefina Vidal, director of the North America Department of the Foreign Ministry stated in the program that “the subversive policy (of the U.S.) has been for 50 years a permanent instrument of pressure against the Cuban government”.
Link to Cuban Television:


Watch two videos of the special program aired on Cuban television and see the evidence. You can access more information on You Tube searching Verdades y Principios.

From a previous program of the series Las razones de Cuba.

Michael Parmly, former Head of the US Interests Section in Havana poses proudly with a fabricated "independent journalist", who happened to be a Cuban Security agent.

Cuban "dissidents" leave US diplomatic headquarters in Havana with their respective  handouts consisting of money and subversive material.

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