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Friday, March 11, 2011

Largest earthquake in Japan’s recorded history hits its northeast coast

Today’s earthquake in Japan, which registered 8.9 and has caused catastrophic damage and death, has prompted the government to declare a national state of emergency. An international tsunami warning has been issued affecting Canada, the U.S. Latin America and Taiwan.

Reports still sketchy from the battered area talk of more than 1 500 dead, more than 88 000 missing and a gigantic tsunami that swept 100 kilometers inland destroying everything in its path. So far, around thirty aftershocks have followed the main tremor which struck at 2:46 PM local time, on Friday, March 11th.

News agencies are also reporting that Hawaii's coast has already been slammed by two meter waves that has not caused major damage or loss. The southern California coast is now bracing for the impact of the tsunami generated by the Japan earthquake.

It is believed that this earthquake will impact the economies of the Pacific Rim when those countries are still under the effects of the current economic crisis. Asian stocks fell into red today losing more than one percent as an aftershock of the disaster.

This massive earthquake, the seventh largest ever recorded, may have displaced the rotation axis of the earth by 10 cm., according to a preliminary study conducted by the Italian National Institute of Volcanology and Geophysics.

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  1. The damage and destruction from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan looks massive! I hope the United States and other countries make substantial contributions to the relief efforts there.