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Friday, March 11, 2011

Elusive justice “made in USA”

No wonder Justice is not served
If it were not because so many innocent lives were lost, and the damage inflicted to Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Panamá is still so fresh, the farce that main stream media insists on calling "the trial" of the assassin Luis Posada Carriles in El Paso, Texas, would be a perfect comedy.
What disdain for the pain and the suffering of those who have patiently waited for justice!

Black flags in Havana in remembrance of the 1976 Cubana bombing victims
In the latest episode, a federal judge has ruled that jurors will not be allowed to see a fax that the prosecution was going to use as evidence because it links the defendant to a series of hotel bombings in 1997 in Havana.
Experts consider this incident as a setback for the prosecutors who now will have to do without that important piece of evidence. This fax contains indications that Posada “was discussing payments for the bombings”, they argue.

This is only another obstacle of the many placed on the way to sabotage the prosecution in this masquerade (as if someone high up somewhere were plotting to prevent justice from being served). Posada Carriles served the U.S. government and the CIA doing their dirty work in Latin America. A CIA asset (see Ex-CIA agent and professional assassin…, a previous entry in this blog) until 1976, the ex-agent is responsible, among other crimes, for the bombing of a Cubana airliner that year that killed all 73 people on board. However he is being prosecuted for obstruction, perjury and immigration fraud, as if the lives of his victims did not count.

The truth is that Posada Carriles enjoys extra-official protection of the government of the United States of America for what he knows and for services rendered in their dirty war against Cuba and the movements of liberation in Latin America.

What will be the next delay in this mockery, so that the assassin evades justice?

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