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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan desperately tries to avert a catastrophe in earthquake crippled Fukushima reactors

Fukushima reactor spews white smoke into the air today
After a fourth explosion in reactor number 4 earlier today, a surge of radiation considered dangerous for human health, forced the closure of the power plant and  emergency workers were  asked to abandon the perimeters. Some hours later, they were allowed in again, once those levels of radiation were deemed “safe”.
The radiation has already reached Tokyo with about 13 million inhabitants prompting people to flee the city.

Toxicologist Lee Tin-lap at the Chinese University of Hong Kong affirmed that while the present levels of radiation in the surroundings of the power plant may not pose a safety concern, the long term effect due to exposure to radioactivity is unknown.

Japanese Emperor Akihito
In a rare TV appearance, only reserved for very solemn occasions, Japanese Emperor Akihito addressed the nation on Wednesday. He said he was “deeply worried” for this crisis, the likes of which Japan had never seen. He also said that he was praying for the country and told Japan not to dismay.

Today the death toll has been estimated at 11 000, 3,500 confirmed dead and 7,500 missing and presumed death.
Amidst the mounting crisis there have been allegations of cover ups by the government, which has hidden the facts from the public opinion and the international community.

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