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Monday, May 9, 2011

Wilfredo Soto García died of severe kidney failure and pancreatitis, says his doctor

Dr. Rubén Aneiro Medina, "Arnaldo Milián" Hospital, Santa Clara, Cuba
Wilfredo Soto García, one of the so-called ‘political dissidents’, died in Santa Clara of an acute renal failure and pancreatitis on Saturday and was buried in that city yesterday.

 In an interview for a local independent blogger, Dr. Rubén Aneiro Medina, a physician with the Medium Therapy Ward at the Arnaldo Milián Hospital in Santa Clara, where Soto García had been admitted, said that “the patient was suffering from acute pancreatitis that brought about a complex clinical process worsened by an acute renal failure that he could not overcome”.

Dr. Aneiro, a member of a team of specialists that treated Soto, also added that the diseased also suffered from diabetes, hypertension and a dilated cardiomyopathy.

Up to this point the piece of news would be totally irrelevant, since this is a common happening in any country. But not in the case of Cuba, where lackeys, who mainstream media in their most sacred task of misinformation against the island label as ‘dissidents’, have started a slanderous campaign claiming that Soto García, 46, died after “being beaten and arrested by Police in a street fight two days earlier”. Eyewitnesses of that incident denied the veracity of that version.

Police brutality is inexistent in Cuba, and that is a fact acknowledged by friends and foes. In most cases Cuban police have had to interfere to protect the physical integrity of those agents from popular outrage when, following orders from Washington and Miami, they protest in the streets.

Even Agence Press, that in most cases echoes defamatory information about Cuba, could not help but recognize that “police beatings are not frequent in the island” and that the version of “the violent arrest could not be confirmed or independently verified”.

This is not the first media “operation” against Cuba, nor will it be the last, but as usual, fabrications against the Caribbean country and its Revolution, sooner than later, crash against the gigantic wall of truth of the principles that Cuba defends and by which it abides.

Cuba, fifty-two years on its battle for dignity and sovereignty, is immersed in a process of renovation and reforms to its economic model of development, which will benefit our socialism, transforming it into a tool to preserve the Revolution and all its conquests. The enemies of Cuba cannot digest the fact that the Revolution, as it regenerates itself, becomes more invincible that it ever was.

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