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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Millions march in Cuba in support of Socialism throughout the island

Revolution Square, Havana May1st, 2011
In Cuba, Labour Day celebrations were headed by Raúl Castro in Santiago de Cuba, a city considered to be the cradle of the Revolution and a symbol of resistance, where hundreds of thousands paraded in their Mariana Grajales Square, as Raúl waved a Cuban flag wearing a traditional white guayabera.

Raúl in Santiago de Cuba today
Thousands march in Santiago
In Havana, Machado Ventura, First VP, presided over the workers march in Revolution Square, where a sea of habaneros estimated in a million flooded the historical plaza in what have been described by those who took part in it as massive and well organized. 

Millions of Cubans marching for peace, dignity and Socialism showed their support for the new reforms that were approved in the recently held Sixth Party Congress in all important cities and small towns all over the island. Participants expressed their optimism for the future of Cuba’s socialism as it preserves the conquests of the Revolution.

Machado Ventura, first vice president in Havana

The minute the March started in Havana

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