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el maestro
"Trincheras de ideas valen más que trincheras de piedra." José Martí

Thursday, May 19, 2011

116th Anniversary of José Martí’s fall in combat In Dos Ríos

On May 19th, 1895 José Martí dies in combat for the independence of Cuba, as he had many times anticipated. A day earlier, he had started a letter to his dearest friend Mexican Manuel Mercado, which he never finished. This letter is considered his political testament, and in it with incredible clarity, in a visionary reflection, he sentenced:

“I am in daily danger of giving my life for my country and duty for I understand that duty and have the courage to carry it out-the duty of preventing the United States from spreading through the Antilles as Cuba gains its independence, and from empowering with that additional strength our lands of America. All I have done so far, and all I will do, is for this purpose.

History would prove him right. Today Our America struggles against the power of the United States that desperately tries to keep its grip on the South.  Martí would been very proud today to see Cuba stand by his principle of human dignity and independence in the concert of nations of Latin America, integrated and united, in a solid front to oppose the imperial ambitions he had, like no other, foreseen.

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