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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Large hail pelts Cuba in the middle of worst drought in 50 years

Map showing hardest hit area in the east of Cuba

Cuba suffers from the worst drought in 50 years, cattle and poultry has started to die of starvation in Camagüey while most crops do not survive such dry conditions. Urban areas like Havana report that about a million people are affected by the lack of water, where the tankers that supply the precious liquid simply cannot cope with the demand.

Cuba faces the worst drought in fifty years

The precipitation that everybody hopes for came last week in the form of violent thunderstorms in different regions of the largest island of the Caribbean causing more harm than good. Ice balls the size of oranges pelted fields and roads destroying all sorts of crops and killing unprotected poultry flocks.

Cattle severely affected by lack of water 

This rainy season has been the driest in three years in an already desperate situation which authorities have described as the worst in half a century.

People wait for a tanker at a Havana corner

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