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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Leftist tide finally reaches Perú

Ollanta Humala, President-elect of Perú
Ollanta Humala ends 20 years of neoliberal governments, who have systematically ignored the vast majority of Peruvians. Perú is a country that has experienced a record economic growth in the last decade; however 62% of its population lives on less than 3 dollars a day and poverty rate is 60% in rural areas and 21% in urban settings.

Humala, is therefore a glimpse of hope for the poor and the forgotten, including the large indigenous sector, whose aspiration of prosperity are still a dream.  Perú now is the country number 14th, of the powerful Latin American block that does not align itself with Washington. And it is not only a matter of ideology or political orientation, it is the result of centuries of oppression first by the Spanish Empire and later, subtly at times, others openly, under the tutelage and dictatorship of the United States of America. Never have Che's words been so true: "This mass of humanity has said "enough" and has begun to march".

The new president celebrates his vixtory
Humala’s election corroborates the will of the Latin American people to integrate politically and economically without the interference of the U.S. whose governments consider South and Central America as their private backyard. Latin America has the right to a better future, and it is conquering it, step by step, mountain by mountain, town by town, country by country.

Oligarchs and once-influential neoliberal groups have seen in desperation how Perú turns to the left in search of answers and solutions to its problems. The North worries. Latin America grows in its dignity and little by little gains its definite independence.

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