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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Six saharawis in critical condition after 62 days on hunger strike

Six saharawi political prisoners on hunger strike

The Saharawi Human Rights Association has declared that Bariaz Mohamed, 35 years old , Driss Zagara, 27, Eddaudi Aomar, 25, Ahachhach Mohamed, 24, Abrahim al Rafiky, 24, y Mojtar Lachhab, 22, have been on hunger strike since April 12, 2011.

These political prisoners started this hunger strike in a prison in Guelmin, part of the territory occupied by Morocco for 35 years. They protest the political marginalization to which the Sarahawis are submitted under the occupation, and the illegal plundering of natural resources by Moroccan companies.

The Saharawi Human Rights Association, the Resistance and relatives of the hunger strikers have called on international human rights organizations and main stream media to intervene immediately to save the lives of these youth.

What will the European Parliament say?

What will the U.S. say?

What will “El País” say?

What will the Nuevo Herald say?

Will Amnesty International say anything?

If it were some “clown” in Cuba it would have made the front page of all major newspapers; however, these same media ignore on purpose the just cause of these prisoners - on a real hunger - strike, and that of the Saharawi people.

Double standard, or not?

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