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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Canada will spend up to $60 million to help kill Gadhafi in Libya

Peter MacKay, Canada's Defense Minister, in Brussels today
Peter MacKay, Canadian Defense Minister, announced on Thursday that Canada, as a participant in the NATO-led mission “to protect civilian lives”, has already spent  $26 million of the Canadian taxpayers money. Canadian forces involvement in this adventure has further eroded the almost inexistent credibility Canada once had as a peace keeper and honest broker. This aggression has also cost the Libyan people hundreds of deaths and material loss. It is unbelievable that politicians with decision-making capacity do not understand, or simply ignore the fact, that bombs and the use of force do not preserve human lives.

Civilian casualties of the Libyan conflict
Since NATO has not yet succeeded in eliminating Gadhafi physically, i.e. assassinating him, the leadership of the military Atlantic Alliance has asked Canada to extend its mission until September 2011, a move that will bring the cost to $60 million. Canada’s contribution is related to fighter and patrol planes which have been bombing government forces and buildings in Libya.

NATO actively protecting lives in Libya
The world has denounced that NATO has exceeded the mandate of its mission in Libya as approved by the United Nations. The so called “mission” has already turned into a fragrant occupation and interference in Libya’s internal affairs.

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has recently made clear that “NATO has no plans to remain in Libya after the conflict ends”. Of course they will not stay after the assassination and destruction are consummated.  It will be up to the Libyans to reconstruct and deal with the aftermath of the aggression. What Secretary Fogh Rasmussen failed to clarify was that by the time NATO leaves, arrangements will have been made so that Libya’s oil makes its way to Europe and North America. After all that has always been the reason why the West wants to “protect civilian lives” in Libya.

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