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Sunday, June 26, 2011

U.S. threatens to withdraw support from UN if it recognizes Palestine

Susan Rice, US ambassador to the UN
Blackmailing has been a common practice of US diplomacy, and to remind us all that the Obama administration is nothing but a continuation of the same hegemonic pretensions of previous governments, and that the stale slogan of “change we can believe in” was nothing more than part of the script for the circus and TV spectacle of U.S. presidential elections; Washington’s  ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said that there was “no greater threat” to the funding that it offers the international organization than the prospect of the recognition of Palestine as an independent state.

Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian authority
It is expected that the president of the Palestinian authority, Mahmoud Abbas, asks the UN General Assembly in September to vote on the recognition of the state of Palestine, and in July the UN Security Council would vote on the proposal of statehood, this development is strongly opposed by Israel and the US, whose president has threatened to veto a resolution that would grant Palestine the status of an independent state.

Against adversity and arrogance, Palestinians have dusted off a Cold War era recourse known as “Uniting for Peace”, by means of which, two-thirds majority of the General Assembly can overrule the Security Council; however, it would only be a moral triumph, since the General Assembly does not have the mandate to bestow UN membership to a new Palestinian state.

Despite of all obstacles, this is an indication that the world demands justice for Palestine and sooner than later the Security Council will have to vote for the creation of a long overdue Palestinian state.

                                              ¡Viva Palestina Libre!

With information from The Telegraph

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