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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The recolonization of Africa

The Oakland Institute, a think tank based in California, has released an investigative report about who is buying land in Africa under onerous deals, at a time when commodities prices surge and inflation increases. The OI has expressed its concern at this unprecedented number of investors grabbing land in the African continent.

Anuradha Mittal, executive director of the Oakland Institute said that “the same financial firms that drove us into a global recession by inflating the real estate bubble through risky financial maneuvers are now doing the same with the world’s food supply,” and added that “in Africa this is resulting in the displacement of small farmers, environmental devastation, water loss and further political instability such as the food riots that preceded the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions."

Africa, the black continent that is still suffering the consequences of centuries of slavery, pillage, oppression and exploitation, falls victim again of unscrupulous business dealers, intend on perpetuating an order that is obviously unsustainable and inhuman.

The Business Insider has published a series of pictures of business persons and companies involved in obscure land leases and other dealings in Africa.

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  1. why are the black africans suffering from abject powerty? The world bank and IMF and International funding agencies should do something