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Friday, October 14, 2011

Antonio Maceo Revolution Square celebrates 20 years with Silvio Rodríguez

Antonio Maceo Revolution Square in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba inaugurated its Revolution Square on October 14, 1991, with the presence of Fidel Castro, and was named Antonio Maceo Grajales, to honor the memory of the brave Cuban mambí General. Since then it has been an integral part of the life of that city as it has been the venue for important celebrations and parades.

At 16 metres tall, this is the highest statue in the whole country, and is a creation of sculptor Alberto Lescay, a native of the city. It covers an area of 53,000 square meters. The monumental group also includes 23 machetes that raise up, upright, this section was created by santiaguera plastic artit Guarionex Ferrer. It represents the Protesta de Baraguá on March 23, 1878, when General Antonio Maceo refused to make a pact with Spain and proclaimed that the struggle for Cuba's independence would continue.

Today, Santiagueros are particularly happy, Cuban trovador Sivio Rodríguez, an international legend, has joined the celebrations and is offering a concert for the 20th Anniversary of the public square. Thousands have gathered at the plaza to witness yet another historical event.

Trovador Silvio Rodríguez

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