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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Toronto starts in earnest

Protesters march on Adelaide Street, downtown Toronto
Thousands gathered around King and Bay Streets, the heart of the Financial District in Toronto, around ten this morning and then marched east on King towards James Park, east of Yonge Street. James Park is the area city authorities have allocated the Occupy Toronto Movement.

Toronto indignants are encouraging others through social media to join the so far peaceful protest and concentration in the downtown core. Many are saying they are joining later on. The Toronto Occupation is part of a world wave of protests that are shaking such urban centers as New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Nashville in the United States and Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Halifax in Canada.

The movement itself, according to organizers interviewed by local media, through non-violent means is sending a message to the financial sector and the government that they are accountable for their acts. The movement is still gathering information regarding needs and projection in the days to come, but one thing is sure, the same demands as in other north american cities are being heard in Toronto: the wealth has to be shared equally, Canadians need access to affordable education and access to employment, banks are meant to serve, not to serve themselves, among others. Many interviewees have also complained about the manipulation of information in the reporting of these kinds of events and the need for truthful reliable news.

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