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el maestro
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Occupy Toronto protesters showdown

The Occupy Toronto movement is about to receive a final blow with the expected forced eviction of a few hundred 'die hard' protesters still camping at St James Park. The city has not said when it will enforce the trespass notices handed out today in the encampment, but everybody knows it is a matter of time.

Earlier on Monday a Superior Court judge had ruled that the protesters did not have the right to occupy a public space, and that this move did not violate their freedom of expression. This has been the average response to the "Occupy" movement all over North America, most cities have used force to evict protesters from public plazas and parks. It remains to be seen if Toronto police make a repeat of the brutally displayed last summer when they attacked anti G-20 protesters in the downtown core or will this time will they be more civil.

The occupy movement will withdraw momentarily but they will return with new initiatives to voice their concerns, maybe this eviction is a blessing in disguise, since it will force protesters to become more inventive in the future. The enormous inequality, unemployment and economic difficulties will only increase and they will stir the ambers of discontent in the 99%, which will eventually prevail.

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