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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ALBA Alliance delegation to negotiate a peaceful solution to Syrian conflict

Joint press conference in Damascus on Oct. 9, 2011
A delegation of foreign ministers from Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Bolivia, member states of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA, in Spanish) was in Damascus, Syria, to support the Syrian people and condemn foreign interference in the internal affairs of that country. ALBA ministers are trying to help in negotiating a peaceful solution to the conflict and to prevent with this step NATO intervention to support one party of the confrontation, as they did in Libya.

Walid al-Moellen
Walid al-Moallen, Foreign and Expatriates Syrian Minister, celebrated the visit of ALBA foreign ministers to Damascus and said that his country will go ahead with the reform program and continues to be committed to the comprehensive national dialogue.

Minister al-Moellen, talking about the “National Transitional Council” rooted in Istanbul and attempting to gain international recognition, said that the Syrian government “is not interested in what they seek, and we will take strict measures against any country that recognizes this illegitimate council”. He added that “the opposition is invited to participate in the national comprehensive dialogue and in the building the future of Syria”.

Nicolás Maduro
Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelan Foreign Minister, told a joint press conference with the Syrian officials that on behalf of ALBA leaders they had conveyed the Syrian people and President Bashar al-Assad “our genuine solidarity with Syria and our rejection of all forms of Western and imperialistic interference in the internal affairs of this country”, and he added that “the Syrian people have the right to solve their own problems”.

The situation in Syria has been manipulated by main stream media, which presents a distorted image of the conflict to create a state of opinion in the West, so that an eventual NATO intervention would be justified. These same media denies the existence of armed terrorist groups financed and equipped by the West, these groups commit sabotages, assassinations, and infiltrate demonstrations to create centers of violence that have caused death.

The official ALBA delegation visit to Damascus, apart from showing solidarity with the Syrian people, underlines the need to protect and respect international law and the right of independent states to self-determination. It also emphasizes the right that the international community has to receive truthful information about world events and denounces how public opinion is artificially biased by irresponsible and unscrupulous means of communication. 

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