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Friday, May 13, 2011

Police brutality in Cuba? Fabrications and lies "made in USA"

Wilfredo Soto García
The means of misinformation, main stream media, have been publishing the same headlines for the last couple of days: Cuban dissident dies after police beating. All online sites, with no exceptions, have regurgitated exactly the same piece of information word by word, as if these agencies had just cut and pasted some sort of ‘official version’ of the events, without any ethical concerns regarding the truthfulness of its content, the pain and suffering that it could cause, or consulting eyewitnesses of the incident, or the doctors that treated Wilfredo Soto García, or even, and more importantly, his family.

As usual - Cuba has been through these kinds of smear campaigns repeatedly for the last 52 years - the insidious clouds planted by the power of U.S taxpayers’ money start to dissipate and the truth, little by little begins to appear.

Cuban media has published the account of witnesses and relatives of what really happened.

Here are some excerpts:

Rosa Soto García (sister): Declares that her brother “suffered from several illnesses such as, gout, hypertension, migraines, and heart growth and for that reason he had been under medical care for a long time”. She added that he (Juan Wilfredo) “did not follow the doctor’s advice and did not take care of his health.”
On the incident itself, she says that “he was never beaten”, and calls it is a “big lie, and a fabrication from beginning to end”, complaining that the “media manipulation of his brother’s death is hurting her family”, and expressed her gratitude for the medical help he received.
“We are so outraged that the day of the funeral, my brother’s son, sickened of the position of the “dissidents”, asked them to leave the cemetery", affirms Rosa.

Madelín Soto (niece): “I went to the hospital to see him and there was no trace of violence on his body.” She also expressed her surprise that “if there had been any incident, he would have told me because we were very close”.

Yasmil Pérez Rodríguez (Madelín’s husband and Law student). He recounts that Wilfredo’s daughter asked him to help her take her father to the hospital and when he got to their house, Wilfredo was suffering from “intense perspiration, he could not feel his feet and we had to get him downstairs from his 4th floor apartment in a wheelchair. Once at the Arnaldo Milián Hospital he underwent a check-up and was administered all sorts of medications. When his situation worsened he was transferred to a therapy ward where he later died”. Yasmil adds that he stayed at the hospital with Wilfredo for a whole day and “had enough time to talk with the patient, took him to the washroom, helped him undress and did not observed any signs or symptoms of violence on his body”.  He concludes that “if the alleged beating had really occurred, Wilfredo would have told me since there were no secrets between us”.

Dr. Nestor Vega Alonso (physician): He treated Wilfredo frequently since 2008 and asserts that “Wilfredo’s health problems did not begin that day but long ago. In 2008, he was admitted to Ward “C” of the Provincial Hospital, suffering from a generalized edema and severe hypertension, but after a more detailed study he was diagnosed with a dilated cardiopathy, something really serious, plus gout, mellitus diabetes, all of which points to a reserved life expectancy forecast.”

Dr. Ricardo Rodríguez Jorge (forensic surgeon): This doctor, with a 14 year experience, conducted the autopsy and declares that the cause of death was a severe pancreatitis with hemorrhagic spots at the tail level and pancreatic body, all of which is consistent with the previous medical diagnosis. He further adds that in the post-mortem examination no signs of violence, either internal or external, were observed in the body of the diseased.

This is the information that those news agencies should have looked for before publishing the piece of news in question.  But, violating the sacred principles of truthfulness they just jumped at the opportunity to discredit Cuba, even if at the end they have to admit their mistake, or keep a shameful silence, as it has so often happened in the past.

Cuba has a pristine record of respect for human dignity, and Cuban police has never in 52 years of Revolution killed or tortured a detainee, and physical disappearance of prisoners has never happened after 1959.

Compare and see what really police brutality is. These pictures show how police dealt with demonstrators in Toronto during the G20 summit last year. Draw your own conclusions.

Here are pictures of how Cuban Police deals with the protests those “dissidents” have staged in Cuba, following instructions from the U.S government.

What is police brutality then?

With information from Cubadebate 

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