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Monday, May 2, 2011

U.S. kills number one terrorist in Pakistan, while Posada Carriles sleeps like a baby in Miami

Obama takes credit for the death of Osama
On Sunday a special forces unit, Seal Team Six – ST6 missions are classified to the public – stormed a compound 100 km north of Islamabad, Pakistan, and in a 40 minute skirmish the United States most wanted terrorist ceased to exist, together with three other men; a woman, bin Laden's wife was shot on a leg trying to shield her husband. There are conflicting reports about the body; some sources claim that the U.S. Army is holding on to the physical remains as further prove of the assassination,  following DNA confirmation, while others say that the body was discarded in the sea. A gruesome picture was published in some websites claiming that it was bin Laden, shortly after having been shot by the US attackers, but later it was deemed to be fake.

Osama's compound burns after the attack
Obama proudly announced on TV last night that “justice had been done”, as crowds gathered outside the White House and Ground Zero to celebrate the death of their public enemy number one as they chanted “USA”, “USA”.

Since Obama also said that “we shared our intelligence on this compound with no other country, including Pakistan”, and there are no reports of whether the host country was consulted and Okayed the intervention in the last minute, presumably this was a U.S. Army unilateral operation.

The U.S. now braces for what they call “anti-American” retaliation all over the world and are advising all U.S. nationals to “exercise caution”. At this point, no Jihadist websites have acknowledged the death of Osama bin Laden, claiming that it is a U.S. hoax.

Long ago, when Osama bin Laden was probably a spoiled brat living off his father’s wealth, the United States was already actively involved in promoting and sponsoring terror against any country which dared to dissent with them. In the particular case of Cuba - because (state) terrorism has been the most sought after policy used against other countries as well - the United States has harboured and safeguarded all kinds of anti-Cuban groups who all claim the use of violence as their main weapon against the island; and in fact, acts of terror have been perpetrated many times against the revolutionary island, killing thousands of innocent civilians.

But the most eloquent example of the U.S. double standard and hypocrisy when conceptualizing the term “terrorist”, is with no doubt Luis Posada Carriles, a confessed terrorist responsible for the blowing up of a commercial Cuban airliner which killed all 73 passengers in 1976; the death of an Italian-Canadian tourist, Fabio di Celmo, in a series of hotel bombings in Havana in the late 1990’s; the failed attempt to assassinate then Cuban president Fidel Castro in Panamá in 2000, and a long list of criminal offenses, enough if the US government decided to take action and process this individual for his real crimes. (please see earlier entries on this blog on Luis Posada Carriles)

Confessed terrorist Luis Posada Carriles
Luis Posada Carriles is not hiding in a remote area in Pakistan inside an armoured compound protected by ferocious jihadists. This assassin lives freely in sunny Miami, and according to his own words, “sleeps like a baby”.

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