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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Revolution Square again: May Day

May 1, 2010, Havana
“José Martí” Revolution Square in Havana will be the center of attention again on May Day when Cuban workers, joined by more than 1,000 friends from 50 countries, will march in the historical site to back the economic and social policies recently approved by the Sixth Party Congress and to support Cuba’s socialism.

It will be another opportunity to denounce the unjust imprisonment of the Cuban Five that has lasted for more than 12 years now. These anti terrorist fighters had infiltrated extremist anti-Cuba groups in Florida, to warn their homeland of potential attacks from those criminal organizations. The U.S has charged them with spying on the government.  

Successive U.S. administrations not only have turned a blind eye on the activities of these terrorist groups, but have actively promoted and funded their efforts to commit acts of terror against the island which have resulted in thousands of deaths and millionaire losses for the economy.

Cuban workers will also demand the immediate devolution of the territory that the United States has illegally occupied for 108 years in Guantánamo violating our sovereignty and our Law. This piece of Cuban land has been turned into an international center of torture where legality has ceased to exist.

Detainees in Camp Delta, Guantánamo 
Once more Cubans will denounce the U.S. blockade, unilaterally imposed by the United States of America 50 years ago in an attempt to surrender the Cuban people by death and deprivation. The world in the United Nations has overwhelmingly voted 19 times condemning the U.S. aggression against Cuba, but the aggressor continues to ignore the clamour for justice.

May Day promises to be another day of popular celebration and reaffirmation of the new path that Cuba has taken to safeguard the Revolution and Socialism.

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