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el maestro
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Guidelines for profound reforms approved by Party Congress in Havana

Party Congress closing session
Delegates to the Sixth Communist Party Congress approved and refined the guidelines for the State and the Party in the implementation of the much needed reforms of the Cuban economic model, among other relevant changes.

Raúl Castro was elected to the key position of First Secretary, while Machado Ventura, current first Vice-President, will be the second secretary of the Party. A reduced Political Bureau and a new Central Committee were also elected.

Fidel and Raúl
A moment of intense emotion was experienced by the party delegates when Fidel Castro, the leader of the Revolution and retired from public life since 2006, made a surprise appearance.  There were tears on the faces of many congress delegates as Fidel was aided to his seat next to Raúl.

Raúl Castro addresses the summit
There is no doubt that this congress and the new policies that it approved will strengthen the Revolution and the Party as Cuba moves forward in the consolidation of its new economic model under its own variety of socialism.

Find more information at: http://www.cubanews.ain.cu/

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