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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cubans march for socialism in Havana

Military Parade
Hundreds of thousands of Cubans took part in a huge military parade in Havana’s Revolution Square at 8:00 in the morning today, in what has been described as a march for socialism on this 50th Anniversary of the Victory over the CIA-backed mercenaries who invaded Cuba in 1961. Three days earlier in the funerals of the April 15 bombings victims, Fidel Castro had officially declared the socialist nature of the Revolution.

Popular march and parade
Later in the afternoon the much anticipated Sixth Communist Party Congress opened at the Convention Center in the capital with the participation of 1000 militants, representing some 800 000 members. This Congress is expected to mark a turning point in a decisive moment in the history of the country. Delegates will debate and approve the final guidelines for the much needed reforms of the economic model that Cuba aims to build under its own variety of Socialism.

Cuban Youth and soldiers

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    Unfortunately hard to find more photos from this parade.
    I'm a model builder from Hungary (Middle Europe), and i'm interested for special and unusual military vehicles, like these guntrucks from this parade.



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