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Friday, April 1, 2011

CIA financed global drug trafficking according to declassified secret documents

For anyone who seeks and finds the flow of genuine and truthful information -not an easy task in a world where that information is controlled, distorted, suppressed and distributed by a much selected few- the fact that the CIA has been involved in drug trafficking, among other atrocities, is not news. However, when the public information Act recently forced the U.S. federal government to declassify 8,000 documents which expose in detail how the CIA funded drug trafficking in Latin America and Afghanistan, the event becomes relevant, since it finally proves “officially” that the accusations were well founded.

The Mujahedeen 
According to these documents, during the 1970s the CIA started or consolidated their involvement with drug trafficking, which continued -supposedly- until the 1990s. In one of the operations, the CIA used at least 2,000 million to support and arm the Afghan resistance against the Soviet occupation through local drug cartels and controlled the world heroin market. That resistance, which was then known as the ‘mujahedeen’, are the forces that the U.S. fights today in Afghanistan.

Nicaraguan Contras in the 1980s
At a larger scale, that was exactly what the CIA did in Latin America. They collaborated with the most notorious drug cartels to finance the U.S. dirty war against governments that did not align themselves with Washington.  That's why the U.S.government protects assassins such as Luis Posada Carriles, who did a lot of this dirty work for the CIA. One of the most outstanding cases is perhaps the Iran-Contras affair under the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

Oliver North testifies in the Iran-Contras scandal
"On the American stage, the drug money came from the Southern Cone and became legitimate money on Wall Street. In the Latin American scene, this same money, laundered once, returned to the region in the form of funds for paramilitarism" recalls former federal agent Michel Rupert.
The documents also link the CIA to drug trafficking within the U.S. to discredit social movements and civil rights activism or groups that simply combatted cultural white hegemony.
Before these documents were released, in March, 1998, evidence of the official involvement had been disclosed when CIA Inspector General testified that there had existed a secret agreement between the CIA and the Justice Department, wherein “during the years 1982 to 1995, CIA did not have to report the drug trafficking by its assets to the Justice Department. There was even a Memorandum of Understanding agreed by William French Smith, then Attorney General and William Casey, then Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. By virtue of the agreement, intelligence agencies would not have to report if any of their agents, i.e. CIA sources or informants, were involved in drug running.
The U.S. Commission of Jurists for the publication of secret documents related to drugs estimates that sums that exceed 100,000 million dollars are washed in the United States, although some updates maintain that the amount is at least 600,000 million), these moneys benefit big banks, large corporations and Latin American oligarchies, and indirectly the elites both in the North and the South of America.

With information from: http://actualidad.rt.com

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