el maestro

el maestro
"Trincheras de ideas valen más que trincheras de piedra." José Martí

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fidel, the inconvenient man for the US, turns 85

Last night the Carl Marx theatre in Havana was the venue for Serenata de la Fidelidad, a musical homage with 22 musicians from 9 countries dedicated to the man the U.S. has tried to kill 638 times. That man is Fidel Castro and today turns 85. This Serenata was also dedicated to the Cuban Five, the Cuban anti terrorist fighters unjustly jailed in the U.S. Fidel celebrates his birthday surrounded by the love of his people and the respect and admiration that his life and struggle arise in the world.

Although Cuban by birth, Fidel belongs to the world now. Cuba should be proud of the contribution it has made, since Fidel is now a revolutionary flag and source of inspiration to those who every day in every latitude stand up for change, to the oppressed, to the marginalized, to every human being who believes that a better world is definitely possible because, despite difficulties, Cuba is there to prove it.

The best present for the Commander of Dignity on his birthday is the wave of emancipation that is shaking the world today, especially Latin America where that wave is tangible and integration and unity are a reality thanks to a leftist majority in 14 countries. That would not have been possible without Fidel Castro and Cuba.

No wonder the U.S., in their reduced view of history, has always tried to eliminate the referent that symbolizes Fidel, without realizing that ideas cannot be assassinated. Ideas fly and germinate in the same contexts where injustice and inequality prevail and then men like Fidel become light.

Happy Birthday Fidel and as this rumba goes,

¡Siempre pa’lante Comandante, te deseamos salud!

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