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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

North Korea, the US and western hypocrisy

North Korean Army
North Korea has just defied, for the third time, UN Security Council resolutions that advised the Koreans not to continue with its nuclear program. It is indeed a dangerous escalation, but as usual mainstream media silences the other side of the story.

Immediately the US and its satellites have condemned the detonation of a miniaturized nuclear device at an underground test site by the always defiant North Korean Government. As Washington tears off its clothing over the test, it makes desperate calls to China to appease the North Koreans, claiming the old argument that North Korea has violated an UN resolution.

Of course the US ignores the very many resolutions that Israel has violated and continues to violate, and needless to say, Washington's own violations. Just one example to remind the reader: The US has violated 21 UN resolutions asking them to lift the blockade against Cuba. So it is not so much the violations but rather the hypocrisy of the nuclear powers when dealing with other countries who do not fit the norm of Washington. They all have the sovereign right to develop this kind of energy, as in the case of Iran.

As long as these countries possess the nuclear capability, they are not in the position or have the moral authority to ban others from having it. The only solution to this scabrous dilemma is an honest destruction of every and all nuclear arsenal in every country involved, no exceptions. And that includes the United States of America, which, by the way, is the only power that has used a nuclear weapon against another country.

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