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el maestro
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Cubans will march on Revolution Square in Havana May 1st, 2012

Plaza de la Revolución, La Habana

Following a long lasting tradition, Habaneros will march on Revolution Square in Havana, as millions of other Cubans will march in their cities, to celebrate May Day. This has always been an occasion in Cuba for workers, students, and average people to reaffirm their support for the Revolution.

This year, as Cuba is immersed in a crucial process of renovation and search of new formulas to update its Socialism in the face of the challenges that new times impose, it will be no different. Cubans are hard at work changing old perspectives and approaches as the country itself reasserts its identity within the social gains of the Revolution and a new model of economic development.

This march will also show the world the resolve of Cuba to continue defending its independence and dignity, despite the continued aggression of the United States government and its efforts to destroy the Revolution. The people of Cuba needs peace and harmony to continue with the road map for economic changes approved in popular debates all over the country and  by the Sixth Communist Party Congress later.

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