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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Peruvian President-Elect Ollanta Humala arrived in Havana this morning

Bruno Rodriguez welcomes Humala in Havana this morning
Invited by Cuban President Raúl Castro, Ollanta Humala, President-elect of Perú, arrived early this morning in Havana. At the airport, the Peruvian guest was welcomed by Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodríguez, and shortly after declared to reporters that “we have come to visit a sister country and share an open agenda with the Cuban President”.

This is the last stop of the Peruvian politician before he takes office on July 28 in Lima. In the last month Humala has toured the region where he has received the solidarity and friendship of other heads of state. In a recent and brief visit to Washington, the future President of Perú was surprisingly received by President Obama. Humala’s visit to Cuba is the meeting that was missing in this program.

Ollanta was elected last June in a runoff election. The newly elected president has promised that his government will work on behalf of the forgotten masses and the marginalized sectors. He has also assured that poor Peruvians, ignored by most liberal governments before his, will receive a share of the Andean nation mineral riches. In the regional context, it is expected that Perú joins the ALBA Bolivarian bloc, enhancing and enriching the Latin American integration process with the diversity that a committed Perú can contribute to the alliance.

It is expected that apart from the official conversations with President Raúl Castro, Ollanta Humala will be received by Fidel personally. It would not be a surprise that Venezuelan President Commander Hugo Chávez, who is in Cuba undergoing the second part of his medical treatment, also meets with the Peruvian President –elect.  Chávez already welcomed Humala in Caracas last week, shortly before he traveled to Havana.

Chávez and Humala in Caracas last week

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